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Lycra T-shirt with UV Protection


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The SurfDog Australia Furguard makes a great looking T-shirt but is packed with features to protect your Surfdog.  Surfdog Furguards have been worn by Surfdogs in Street Parades, Charity walks, surfing competitions and even protected post surgical Surfdogs from chewing their stitches!  



  • made by Human rashguard company that make rashies for surfers
  • UV resistant lycra
  • comfort fit with no sleeves to make for easy leaping through the surf
  • helps you spot your surfdog out in the waves
  • reduces sand take up in coat
 High Visibility Sun and Sand "Furguard" Beach Shirt is designed to provide a little protection for our surfdogs while they're having fun on the beach. Made by a well known human rashguard company, using the same protective lycra, we designed our shirt to fit snuggly around your surfdog. They left out the sleeves as they are constricting when your dog is leaping through the surf - this also helps fit some of our rather unusually shaped customers!
 Easy to slip on and once in place your surfdog won't even know they have got it on.  They also help to keep coats free of sand.

Go for a tight fit.  To choose a size we suggest measuring from collar to tail base, if you have a long skinny dog go for a smaller size!

Product Code: LYCH2CJ396

Manufacturer: SurfDog Australia


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